“At FBG Group fostering success through people is at the heart of what we do. We partner with our clients to ensure their people, teams and organisations thrive.”


FBG is a boutique consulting firm with a unique approach to organisational wellbeing, leadership, organisational consulting, investigations and mediations. We bring extensive experience together with evidence based programs and tools to provide client specific solutions.

This approach is underpinned by clarity of purpose, original thinking, transparency and a commitment to genuine partnership in the process.

“FBG partners with you to measure and enhance employee and organisational wellbeing, develop and align leaders, guide organisational transformation, and optimise performance.”

The Way We Work

Wellbeing Matters

Wellbeing Matters

We put people first in everything that we do because we know that success is dependent on genuinely caring about the health, wellbeing & success of individuals.



To us, authenticity means using plain language, being open and honest and having realistic and balanced expectations. We rely on authenticity to generate trust in our work.

Client's Best Interest

Client's Best Interest

We partner with our clients to create solutions together rather than ‘owning’ the solution and handing it over. Each FBG team member is concerned about the best outcome for the client.

Partnership & Collaboration

Partnership & Collaboration

At FBG Group, if you were to drop by you would see us sharing ideas, challenging each other’s thinking and debating over the most appropriate solution through the power of collaboration and teamwork.



Our love of learning means that whilst we are always open to new ideas, we also look forward to critically evaluating information to make sure it is robust and meaningful.

Strategic Wellbeing

This model and approach to wellbeing is consistent across a range of organisations.

When organisations engage in comprehensive, evidence-based strategies to enhance wellbeing, it’s possible to reap the benefits of a flourishing workforce and reduce the costs of ill-health.

Our approach is an integrated one, where action is taken across three domains: promoting the positive, preventing harm, and responding to illness. Based on years of experience of working in partnership with Australian organisations, and leading practice research on wellbeing, FBG Group has developed an evidence-based approach to Strategic Wellbeing.


FBG’s Wellbeing Programs and services enable organisations to systematically lift wellbeing and effectively manage wellbeing risk areas.

Most organisations understand the critical impact employee wellbeing has on engagement and performance.

Organisational Consulting

FBG’s experienced consultants partner with clients across all industry sectors to manage a wide range of organisational challenges and issues, through designing and delivering consulting solutions for improved organisational performance.

We ensure our solutions take into account an organisation’s unique context, and are aligned with a contemporary evidence base.

Leadership & Development

FBG offers the design and delivery of leadership development programs for emerging, frontline and senior leaders. Our programs support better outcomes, more effective teams, increase wellbeing and create high performance cultures.

Organisations with strong leadership deliver better results.

Mediation & Investigation

The costs both financial and emotional associated with unmanaged conflict are on the increase. We work in partnership with you to ensure that natural justice is observed and that practical and cost effective solutions are implemented.

Modern workplaces are increasingly faced with risk arising from conflict, disputes and team dysfunction, workers compensation claims and even litigation.


Simon Brown-Greaves

Chief Executive Officer

Elisa Gallichio

Chief Operating Officer

Noel Chiller

Head of Business Operations

Lisa Anderson

Head of Growth

Fiona Brown

Principal Consultant

Louisa Detez

Senior Consultant

Katie Heine

Senior Consultant

Mark Piccolo

Senior Consultant

Lauren Webb

Learning Program Manager

Joanne Crosby

Clinical Manager

Sally Noblet

Senior Psychologist

Anthony Lester

Senior Psychologist

Deborah Tulloch

Senior Psychologist

Beth Cornish

Senior Psychologist

Lucinda Gannon

Organisational Psychologist

Jodi Reynolds

Senior Accounts Manager

Bella Thurecht

Senior Operations Advisor

Demi Fitzsimmons

Wellbeing Program Manager

Mia Whiting

Wellbeing Coordinator


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