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Welcome to FBG

FBG Group are leaders in organisational consultancy and services. We help organisations to review, align and implement key people and organisational strategies and programs. We partner with organisations to provide tailored people and business initiatives. Our expertise encompasses all areas of individual, team and organisational review, development and performance.

Our core areas of work are leadership, transformation, performance and wellbeing. Our approach is underpinned by collaborative partnering, clarity of purpose, effective and efficient solutions, systemic impact and sustainable change.

The FBG Group works as a trusted advisor and collaborator with organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors across Australia. Our office is based in Melbourne and we work in all locations across Australia.

We transform people into leaders, problems into solutions, and leave an organisation and its people more capable and confident than before.

How psychologically healthy is your workplace?

We invite you to complete our workplace wellbeing check which will give you an insight into the state of your workplace’s wellbeing and how effectively your workplace manages risks. You will then be invited to book a 30-minute consult with one of our experienced consultants at no cost to you.

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