Transformation - Case Study 2

Develop and deliver your organisation’s strategic direction


A federal government agency charged with playing an important regulatory and research function within the public health domain. This agency has campuses in both Melbourne and Sydney.


The organisation was going through a process of internal review to refocus its direction and strategy. A new CEO had been appointed to this agency who wanted to create a positive culture shift within the organisation to improve overall organisation performance. There was no long term strategy, a culture of silo working across the two campuses and the university was losing touch with its external stakeholders. These were some of the problems the organisation was faced with and it was at risk of losing relevance within its sector.


FBG collaborated closely with Right Lane Consulting (who specialise in strategic management projects) to assist the organisation through a transformation process. Right Lane Consulting brought their expertise to develop a restructure plan for the organisation. FBG complemented Right Lane Consulting by bringing their expertise in people management to help facilitate the change process. Over a period of 3 months both Right Lane and FBG partnered closely with the organisation to help get it started on the transformation journey.

The key areas that were addressed:

  • Strategy development with the Executive Team: FBG, in association with Right Lane Consulting worked closely with the CEO and the Executive Teams to identify the organisation’s vision and mission and key strategic imperatives.
  • Executive Team development: Work with the executive team enabled them to look at how they were functioning as a group and consider ways in which they could enhance their effectiveness.
  • Restructure: FBG played a critical role delivering the communication and engagement plan and worked with the client to:
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan
    • Design and facilitate multiple focus groups and one-on-one interviews across the organisation to ensure staff engagement within the restructure process
    • Conduct a survey with all staff to support and validate the rationale underpinning the restructure
  • External Stakeholder Review and Analysis: As an extension of the restructure process, FBG were also requested to carry out a comprehensive external stakeholder review by conducting semi-structured interviews across 13 major stakeholders for the organisation across various State and Federal agencies. The review highlighted some of the key challenges that needed to be addressed from an external stakeholder’s perspective for the organisation to re-establish its relevance and significance within the field.


  • Enhanced organisational performance with greater alignment between the organisation’s future direction and the supporting systems, services and internal infrastructure it requires to deliver a more relevant service to the market it serves.
  • Greater support for the change due to an extensive consultative process and an effectively developed and delivered communication and engagement plan.
  • A new and well communicated future direction has infused staff with a sense of renewed energy, direction and confidence in their future.
  • Ownership of the changes and increased engagement for the changes has further enabled implementation.
  • FBG now enjoys a strategic advisory role for this organisation as it continues on its path of on-going transformation.