Performance - Case Study 2

Delivering improved performance through effective systems and processes


A commercial and retail product business with operations in several countries.


The organisation sought to create a more systematic and engaging method of managing employee performance as a response to employee feedback and to ensure the business remained a leader in its industry. Existing performance measures were typically vague or non-existent and feedback to employees was often avoided. The Executive Team was keen to provide employees with clearer performance expectations and more specific feedback to motivate them and help them better utilise their talents.


FBG firstly spent time with the Executive team to pinpoint the key outcomes sought through developing a leading edge performance management system.  The Executive team advised it was seeking:

  • A performance management framework that included key steps and milestones in the performance cycle, rating system and applicable forms.
  • More clearly defined performance measures for employees linked to organisational goals
  • Managers skilled and motivated to deliver more frequent and specific performance feedback

We then worked closely with the HR Manager to create a performance management framework. The resulting Framework provided strong guidance, structure and support to managers on what was expected of them while emphasising that managers were in the driving seat to create a high performance culture through a series of conversations.  This involved co-designing with the client a simple system overview, user-friendly forms, guidelines on the development of performance measures, and briefing and training sessions for managers that provided them with the skills and knowledge to lead the evolution of a high performance culture.   FBG encouraged the Executive and senior leaders to continue to regularly communicate the rationale and intent of the initiatives along the way.


Due to a significant amount of planning and consultation, keeping the performance framework and content simple, and emphasising manager up-skilling and culture change, FBG and the Executive team were successful in winning support for change in how performance was managed throughout the organisation. The organisation’s leaders quickly developed clarity around the rationale and objectives of the new performance management initiatives. They were able to gain employee support by linking the new expectations of managers and staff to outcomes that their employees valued. Involving their staff in drafting clear and specific performances enabled them to be formulated in quick time.