Performance - Case Study 1

Capability framework development


State government custodial service with 2 justice centres responsible for the rehabilitation and security of over 200 clients and overseen by over 370 staff.


In response to 2 independent reviews of the service, the Executive decided to overhaul the capability framework that underpinned many of the operational and functional aspects of the workforce. The challenge was to take a ‘greenfield’ approach to researching and reviewing the real time work context and design a framework that best captured the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values required of a worker at each organisational level – from frontline staff to the CEO.


FBG provided an integrated client solution that required a combination of our skills, experience and expertise. This solution included:

  • The development of a capability framework
  • Advice on workforce development initiatives
  • A strategic review, consultation and planning
  • Internal consultation and reporting

As part of the Steering Committee, FBG reviewed, designed and delivered an Operational Workforce Framework. The project was conducted in stages and included:

  • Strategic planning
  • Desktop review of key documents and research of best practice
  • Multiple focus groups with a range of current staff
  • A series of one on one interviews with specialist staff
  • Development and validation through confirmatory analysis of a draft framework
  • Comprehensive report with customised recommendations for implementation of the framework
  • Presentation of the framework to the Executive group
  • Facilitated discussion of future initiatives, which has led to follow–on projects.


  • A fully customised framework based on best practice and reflects the genuine experiences and needs of the current, and anticipated future workforce.
  • Increased satisfaction from the Executive who believed the framework was reflective of their context, easily applicable to current operations and exceeding their needs.
  • Utilisation of the framework to support the organisational strategy with a recruitment strategy that aligns with workforce planning enhancements and performance management system improvements.