Leadership - Case Study 2

Develop skills and capabilities in employees


Large contracting businesses in Australia with a staff base of over 7000 people.


To address the reality of an aging workforce and to enhance their knowledge management practices, this organisation wanted to develop an informal mentoring program that would support staff to establish and take carriage of mentoring relationships within the business.


Working in partnership with the OD and HR team, we built a program that not only met the needs of the participants but also provided the tools and documents that would enable the staff to run the program internally. Our solution included:

  • A series of meetings with the project lead and key staff
  • A thorough review of current literature and identification of best practice methods
  • The design of a mentoring framework that suited the unique organisational culture within existing business practices and parameters
  • The design of all program materials including participant manuals, templates, training tools, facilitator guidelines and evaluation measures.
  • The design of participant profiling templates, matching process guidelines, program milestones and key steps documents
  • A training workshop for internal program champions and facilitators.


  • An increase in the utilisation of mentors.
  • Increased mentoring skill and capability.
  • Greater development of others through mentoring to ensure more effective working and increased performance.