At FBG Group, we have transitioned to the ‘new normal’. As always, the wellbeing of our clients, team and wider community is critical. So our people are continuing to provide services by working from their home environments.
We have set-up and tested our systems to allow for this change, and they enable us to work in an integrated way across all the elements of our services.
Our range of offerings has merely shifted in the mode of delivery, but all our services are still being provided. All meetings, appointments and delivery are now virtual or over the phone, which is in the best interest of the community as a whole. Our contact information (including landline numbers) are all diverted so you can still reach us in the usual ways. We are aware that some telecommunication providers are experiencing significant congestion on phone lines, so if you’re having any trouble you are always welcome to email us.
Several organisations have already contacted us about solutions for emerging issues involving supporting remote teams, leadership in changing conditions and managing the wellbeing of remote teams, so please contact us at any time if you’d like to discuss solutions for your business. We’re ready to be flexible and to jump in to help however we can.
Contact details:
03 9600 0067