Olivia Formica


Olivia is a registered psychologist, and works with clients in both the private and public sectors, in a range of industries including education, local and state government, financial services and health care. Olivia has expertise in various areas that include capability, organisational development, wellbeing, learning and development, culture, assessment and selection, leadership development, and psychological assessment.

Olivia brings strong critical thinking skills, and her understanding of systemic and strategic issues allows her to analyse client challenges, and design innovative solutions that drive individual and organisational effectiveness, and sustainable change.

Olivia is passionate about facilitating individual, team and organisational growth and development, and brings a positive approach to enhance performance and facilitate positive change in the workplace. 

Major Areas of Focus and Expertise

  • Organisational Development
  • Strategic Wellbeing Initiatives
  • Leadership Development¬†
  • Assessment and Selection
  • Capability Development¬†