Cara Davoli

Consulting Coordinator

Cara is the Consulting Coordinator at FBG, with more than seven years’ experience in Business Development, Administration and Client Relationship Management.  Cara manages FBG’s administration function across all assignments and ensures the establishment and maintenance of FBG’s supporting infrastructure.

Cara has extensive knowledge in Project Management and Client Relationship Management. Within her role at FBG, she provides internal support including internal project administration, data entry, invoice management, resource management, policy and procedure development and maintenance and project register administration.  

Cara ensures all our consulting projects are effectively and efficiently managed.  She assists in the preparation of FBG responses to RFQs and public tenders, client proposals and contract preparation, project planning including response templates, budget preparation and the management of documentation as part of project delivery.  Cara also provides a high level of relationship management with our clients and acts as a point of liaison between clients and FBG consultants, and responds to clients to a range of requests for documentation and project information.  

Cara’s academic background in Psychology, particularly Organisational Psychology, provides her with additional insights into effective communication. She is therefore able to align her academic knowledge with her experience of client relationships and project management, to develop a friendly, trusted and transparent rapport with our clients and ensure that expectations and deliverables are met.  Cara takes pride in helping people, ensuring the FBG team is supported and in turn, providing clients with the personalised service and support to ensure their relationship with us is seamless.

Major Areas of Focus and Expertise

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Project Management