Wellbeing - Case Study 2

Individual assessment and wellbeing consultations


A workplace regulator


A workplace regulator engaged FBG to implement a Professional Supervision Program (PSP) pilot to a select range of workgroups deemed to operate in potentially stressful work environments including teams managing incident response, enforcement and psychosocial hazards


The PSP provides a targeted 12 month program commences with the completion of 2 baseline assessments using the WorkWell™ and the VIA Strengths to help participants develop targeted wellbeing action plans. Participants are offered 3 individual wellbeing consultations over the year with a suitably qualified psychologist (with the option to request for more on a needs basis). Finally, the program also includes 4 group-based Professional Development Sessions.


The pilot is progressing well with 91 out of the targeted 120 staff in the pilot groups engaged and voluntarily participating in the program. The feedback from staff has been very positive and our client is in the process of considering broadening the PSP to include other workgroups later this year.  Our client is also in the process of extending the funding for the program to look at the organisational wellbeing enablers and derailers across these workgroups with a view of adopting a more strategic lens to enhancing wellbeing.