Wellbeing - Case Study 1

Building resilience and wellbeing


A global consulting and business advisory firm.


The organisation had identified that a significant proportion of its consulting workforce were showing various signs of stress. An inherent part of working as a consultant is that it can often entail long hours of work and a high degree of pressure to generate high quality results for clients. Business leaders were concerned about the impact of stress on the health and wellbeing of staff and on the organisation’s workforce sustainability.


The solution entailed a staged approach which began with a diagnostic phase, a strategic response and tailored workshops. In the diagnostic phase, FBG Group conducted interviews with a sample of consultants to understand the extent and causes of stress for employees in the organisation. The themes were summarised in a report provided to the senior leadership group. The report highlighted causes for concern with a number of employees revealing high levels of stress and workplace culture that inadvertently discouraged people to manage these stress levels in an effective and timely manner.

FBG Group facilitated a series of workshops with consultants and leaders to provide each group with an opportunity to recognise the issues and develop wellbeing and resilience strategies at individual, team and organisational levels. This was the first step in the process of evolving the organisational culture to maintain high standards of productivity while sustaining the health and wellbeing of its people. A key mechanism for achieving this change has been assisting business leaders to adopt a supportive leadership and positive culture practices.


The key outcomes were shifts in leadership practices to raise the health and wellbeing of individuals and the sustainability of the organisation and a greater awareness and use of the culture drivers impacting wellbeing. Participants were highly engaged in the tailored workshops and implemented strategies to improve personal, team and organisational wellbeing. Overall, this initiative, together with other organisational modifications to track and manage levels of stress, has had a positive impact on the sustainability of the organisation and will continue to build positive momentum.