By Paul Clifford

A couple of articles have come to my attention in recent days on the topic of anxiety in the workplace. The proposition put forward in the one I have attached at the end of this post is that anxiety is a symptom of the pace and intensity of modern work - higher expectations to deliver and needing to always be on. Is that your experience? Would you say more employees have anxiety today than before? Now consider this - Is it critical or even advisable for you to determine whether your employee has 'anxiety'? The answer in my opinion is no. What's more important is to identify the symptoms your employee is experiencing and seek their opinion on how those symptoms are influencing them. Whether those symptoms meet a psychological definition of 'anxiety' should not be your focus. Signs of stress that are within the 'normal range' and ones that are significantly impacting on the employee's general functioning are equally worthy of a check in conversation by you as manager.

The question for you is what are you going to say or do in that conversation.