Employee Wellbeing - Understanding & Improving Your Employees’ Psychological Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing - Understanding & Improving Your Employees’ Psychological Wellbeing

There is a lot of talk about wellbeing at work, mental health in the workplace, positive psychology and the cost of psychological injury. The ‘talk’ includes articles on the growing problem, conferences on the impact on organisations and individuals and information sessions for employees and managers.

We decided to take a different tack on employee wellbeing —to help organisations take effective action.

We see the solution as an opportunity for organisations to systematically build positive wellbeing, while more effectively addressing psychological risk issues.

The FBG team has drawn on their extensive experience to develop a system that measures and benchmarks employee wellbeing, identifies risk areas and roles and key wellbeing drivers.

The testing and validation of the model was conducted by a leading Australian university.

The WorkWellTM system provides benchmarked data on the wellbeing spectrum, from high levels of energy, happiness, optimism and engagement through to fatigue, depressed mood, signs of (negative) stress, pessimism and disengagement.

This enables individuals to understand their wellbeing levels and the personal drivers behind that, while the organisational profile maps employee wellbeing levels and identifies specific, organisational initiatives to lift wellbeing.

In one of the pilot studies one organisation found low levels of wellbeing in a particular area, with 17% of employees within the lower 5% of the Wellbeing norm group, that is, over 3 times the normal risk rate. Interestingly, very few of the employees with low psychological wellbeing had used the organisation’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which does raise the question as to how well ‘old style’ EAPs address employee wellbeing in the modern workplace.

To discuss employee wellbeing in your organisation contact Paul Clifford at FBG on 03 9600 0067 or pclifford@fbggroup.com.au.